1-PH Pad-Mount


Single phase transformer - Pad-Mount

A single-phase pad mount transformer is an electrical transformer designed for outdoor installation on a concrete pad. Its outdoor, pad-mounted configuration makes it suitable for efficient and reliable voltage transformation in diverse settings.

All of our single-phase pad transformers not only fulfill but also surpass the standards set by ANSI®, IEEE®, and NEMA®. Additionally, these transformers are designed to achieve complete IEEE® compliance, meeting all standard enclosure integrity prerequisites, enhanced by the inclusion of a penthead door locking bolt.



Primary voltage

2400-19,920 V

Secondary Voltage

120-600 V

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More about transformers

Single phase transformer working principle

A single-phase transformer operates by leveraging the principles of electromagnetic induction in the context of alternating current (AC). In its primary role, the transformer’s primary winding interfaces with the AC power source, initiating a cyclical magnetic field generation process. This magnetic field, dynamically influenced by the alternating current, extends its impact to the secondary winding through electromagnetic induction.
The crux of the transformer’s functionality lies in the turns ratio between the primary and secondary windings. This ratio dictates whether the transformer will adjust the voltage upwards or downwards. As the primary winding orchestrates the initial electrical movements, the secondary winding mirrors these variations, ensuring a proportional transfer of voltage. 

Differences between single-phase and three-phase transformers

  • Power – One of the main differences between single-phase and three-phase transformers is in the way they handle electrical power. Single-phase transformers are designed to carry power through a single alternating current (AC) circuit, while three-phase transformers are built to handle power through three separate AC circuits.
  • Construction – single-phase transformers typically have two separate coils – a primary coil and a secondary coil – while three-phase transformers have three primary and three secondary coils.
  • Application – single-phase transformers are more commonly used in smaller applications, such as residential homes and small businesses, compared to three phase transformers which are commonly used for commercial purposes.

Applications of a single phase pad mount transformer

Single-phase transformers find versatile applications across various industries thanks to their ability to efficiently alter voltage levels. Some notable applications include:

  1. Residential Power Distribution: Single-phase transformers are commonly used in residential areas to step down high-voltage power from the distribution grid to the lower voltages required for household appliances.
  2. Industrial Machinery: Single-phase transformers play a crucial role in industrial settings, providing the necessary voltage transformations for machinery, motors, and control systems.
  3. Public lighting: Single-phase pad mount transformers are integral in adjusting voltage for various types of lighting fixtures, including streetlights and public lighting systems.
  4. Electronics and Appliances: Many electronic devices and appliances, such as computers, televisions, and kitchen appliances, incorporate single-phase transformers to match their voltage requirements.
  5. Testing and Laboratory Equipment: Laboratories and testing facilities utilize single-phase transformers for experimental setups, providing controlled voltage levels for testing and research purposes.
  6. Medical Equipment: In the healthcare sector, single-phase transformers are employed in medical equipment and devices, contributing to the reliable and precise operation of various instruments.