Solving transformer Shortage: TTES delivers transformers in just 20 weeks.

Solving transformer Shortage: TTES delivers transformers in just 20 weeks.

TTES excels in delivering transformers in record times, with an impressive average of just 20 weeks from drawings approval. When you partner with TTES, you have our guarantee to swiftly and reliably deliver transformers, ensuring your projects stay on schedule.

The scarcity of electrical distribution transformers in the United States, which started gaining momentum in 2021, continues to plague utility contractors to this day. In a letter addressed to Congress in November 2022, the NAHB and other electric and construction organizations emphasized the ongoing challenges posed by the transformer shortage. Average delivery times for procuring a distribution transformer have skyrocketed by a staggering 443% since 2020, resulting in 70+ weeks in lead times.

The consequences of this scarcity are extensive, affecting electrification and construction projects, including those geared towards achieving clean energy objectives. Delayed or canceled projects hinder the critical mission of grid expansion and modernization, threatening the resilience required to withstand natural disasters and man-made disruptions.

To tackle this crisis, the electric and construction industries, in collaboration with the federal government, are actively exploring strategies to boost domestic production capabilities. One approach involves the use of the Defense Production Act to prioritize transformer production, an essential step in achieving grid modernization and electrification goals.

In the face of ongoing challenges in the transformer industry, TTES stands ready to assist utility contractors and electrification projects with our fast deliveries, averaging just 20 weeks. But it can be even faster. Recently, we accomplished an exceptional delivery in just 12 weeks, catching the client by surprise, who needed temporary storage due to the unexpectedly early arrival. Moreover, our transformers come with a 2-year warranty, ensuring top-quality and providing peace of mind.

With our swift and reliable deliveries, utility contractors can now overcome wait times and meet project deadlines effectively. Contact us for a free quote and get your transformer shipped in 20 weeks.

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