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About TTES

Leading USA transformer supplier with unrivaled delivery speed

Thanks to over 100 years worth of combined experience in the industry, we managed to optimize our process, enabling us to deliver transformers at record speeds across the USA. When designing, manufacturing, and delivering transformers, we always prioritize safety and reliability above all. At TTES, the ultimate goal is to expand our company and be able to swiftly deliver quality transformers to as many organizations as possible, helping with the pressing transformer shortage crisis!

At TTES, we offer a wide range of transformers, giving you the flexibility to select the perfect fit for your needs. We produce high-quality transformers, such as 1-PH Liquid Filled Pad-Mount, 3-PH Liquid Filled Pad-Mount, Dry-type, Circuit breakers, and more. We also offer Transformer repair services. Every product comes with a 2-year warranty and you can expect them at your doors in 20 weeks on average after the drawings approval!

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Our expertise

Reliable transformer industry leader in the USA

The fastest delivery speed, complemented by exceptionally detailed drawings and a seamless production process establishes our reputation as an industry leader in the USA.

Fastest delivery time

Experience our industry-leading shipping time, with an average delivery of your quality transformer in just 20 weeks.

Competitive price

Transformers that not only deliver great value for your investment but also come with a reasonable payment scheme.

2 years warranty

At TTES, we're confident in our quality transformers, so you can be at ease with our 2-year factory warranty.

Swift process

With 100+ years of combined industry experience, you can rest assured of a swift and seamless process.